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Move of the Week: A Front Kick Like No Other

Move of the Week: A Front Kick Like No Other

The front kick can be seen in martial arts all across the spectrum. The kick is a staple for stand up sports even if it has different names for each. In Muay Thai Kickboxing, there are technically 2 different types of front kicks: the jab kick and the cross kick. These kicks follow the patterns of the basic punches of kickboxing, depending on which leg is used and which is considered the fighter's "dominant" leg.

In RIMA's Muay Thai Kickboxing class this Tuesday night, the students touched up their kicks with the help of our instructor Alicia. Alicia explained the power needed to properly execute the kick, all while focusing on technique. The kick starts with a strong windup and being able to land on the opponent's torso with pinpoint accuracy and power. The kick focuses on balance all across the body, as well as positioning the foot just right to avoid injury. When it came to striking and executing the kick just right, RIMA's MMA fighter Georges Kopa came into to demonstrate his method.

"I try to aim for the chest or really, anywhere," Kopa says, motioning a straight line from his collarbone to the abdomen. "It's all about where you want to strike, each spot has its own amount of impact." Kopa showed his own form of the kick, but as the fighter says, it's all up to the kicker to call the shot as long as they have their fundamentals down.

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