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  • Move of the Week: Shane’s Takedown

    Move of the Week: Shane’s Takedown

    With Tuesdays now hosting our No-Gi BJJ class, takedowns are all the rage when it comes to learning new techniques. This week, our purple belt Shane showed the class a takedown using the arm and shoulder. By grabbing the arm and holding it in a “figure four” lock, one manages to disable the opponent’s balance by controlling their arm. With a shift of their weight and using the opponent’s shoulder to finalize the move, this takedown serves as a great way to control the opponent and get into a good position to start a submission. Nice job, Shane! ....

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  • The Week's Almost Up! Get Your Workout in Now!

    Wondering what to do in this warm weather? A RIMA class won't hurt! Every evening, we offer some of the best mixed martial arts programs in Raleigh, and we'd love it if you'd join us! With encouraging instructors and students who are just as pumped to get a workout as you, what's holding you back from an evening of building up your martial arts skills? Be sure to check out our Facebook or stop in for yourself to see what we're up to! We hope to see you there! ....

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  • Jump Into a New Hobby This Spring at RIMA!

    Jump Into a New Hobby This Spring at RIMA!

    Spring has sprung and now is the perfect time for a new hobby in your life! Whether you're an absolute beginner or an upcoming pro, RIMA has something to offer you in our various martial art programs for all skill levels and body types. Check out our schedule to explore your options or stop by the gym to check it out up close! All of us at RIMA are ready to get moving, are you? ....

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  • Move of the Week: Armpit Arm Bar

    Move of the Week: Armpit Arm Bar

    While resembling a chicken wing, this arm bar is not one to be messed with. While the arm bar is part of the basic 5 moves of the white belt rank, our Hapkido students refined their fundamentals with this simple drill. One most focus on the hand placement for this lock, and once successfully caught, the opponent can attack in any way they choose. While simple, this drill is a prime example of self defense. ....

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  • Last Chance to Sign Up for the Corner Man Workshop!

    Today is the last day to sign up for our Corner Man Workshop this Friday ay 6pm! Grab your tickets at the link below or check the Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts Facebook page for more information! We hope to see you there! Posted by Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 ....

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  • RIMA’s Schedule is Newly Renovated!

    In case you missed it: the Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts has new a schedule going around! Be sure to check it out under the “Schedule” page at 4kickbox.com today! We would also like to remind all students that RIMA is open every day from 7:30AM to 8:30PM! Whether you’re working out in a full class or just simply working out on the bag by yourself during lunch break, RIMA is open for all of your workout needs! ....

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  • New Class Alert: ABSolutely Fit is Now Part of the RIMA Schedule

    In case you haven't checked our newly updated schedule recently, RIMA is excited to have a new class Thursday evenings at 5pm! Hosted by Ashley McDowell, ABSolutley Fit says it all: it gets you absolutely fit! The class features muscle-building exercises for abs, core, and hamstrings all in less than an hour. We hope to see you Thursday nights, and get ready to sweat! ....

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  • Learn the Basics of Boxing Cornering at the Corner Fundamentals Workshop!

    Learn the Basics of Boxing Cornering at the Corner Fundamentals Workshop!

    RIMA will be hosting a Corner Fundamentals Workshop with our very own fight team on Friday, March 12th at 6pm! Including the fundamentals of wrapping hands, ice compression, and so much more, this workshop is not one to miss for students of all skill levels. Stop by the front desk to prepay, or pay the day of. We hope to see you there! EVENT: Corner Fundamentals Workshop - Friday, March 12th at 6pm; registration includes $25 fee ....

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  • Meet Robert "Zion" Reid!

    Meet Robert "Zion" Reid!

    The Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts is very excited to have a new boxing coach on board with us! Robert "Zion" Reid has been all over the martial arts map, and was part of RIMA since day 1. Reid has worked with Professor Chris Tricoli for over a decade, earning a black belt in Hapkido and even going into pro fighting. Now, Reid is helping RIMA's students with his one-of-a-kind boxing strategies to prepare the next generation of fighters. Welcome to the family, Robert! ....

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  • An Interview With Georges Kopa

    An Interview With Georges Kopa

    In his fast-growing career, up-and-coming fighter Georges Kopa has shown all of us at the Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts what dedication and hard work looks like. Hailing from the Ivory Coast, Kopa’s martial arts career has skyrocketed along the East Coast thanks to his swift technique, unstoppable stamina, and dedication to every sport he comes across. After his recent win in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Kopa sat down to discuss his thoughts and advice on martial arts as a whole. Current Records: Mixed Martial Arts 2-0; Kickboxing 12-2; Boxing 1-0 Q: What inspired you to go into fighting? A: My childhood love of martial arts. I was in Africa and wanted to ....

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