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  • Thanksgiving isn't over yet!

    Thanksgiving dinner isn't the only time you need to be thankful! RIMA is offering the Turkey Day special this week! Bring 3 of your friends to a class from any program, and you'll receive a week of free classes! Claim your offer before it ends! Raleigh Institute Of Martial Arts Web Offers - North Raleigh, North Carolina ( ....

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  • The Kopa Collection is here!

    The Kopa Collection is here!

    RIMA is thrilled to have our fighter Georges Kopa back in the ring, so help us support him with signature apparel on our shop! Products are available for a limited time, so get yours before it's gone! Kopa Collection | RIMA | Shop ( ....

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  • Our Thanksgiving gift for you!

    Our Thanksgiving gift for you!

    RIMA is hosting a jiu-jitsu Turkey Roll this Thursday at 10am! Bring your gi or rashguard and get ready to drill your fundamentals and learn new moves. We hope to see you this Thanksgiving Day! ....

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  • RIMA wants to help out Raleigh this Thanksgiving, and we need you to help us!

    With Thanksgiving around the corner, now is the time to help each other out in these interesting times. Now is a time to be thankful for the good things in our lives, and a time to work through the hard things. At RIMA, we believe our Toys For Tots campaign is our way of giving back to those less fortunate, and we hope you're willing to join us. Even the smallest toy counts; little by little, we'll help out those around us get through the last couple of months of this year. Will you join us? ....

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  • A Veterans Day message from RIMA

    All of us at the Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts would like to thank all those who have served our country in the past and present on this Veterans Day.Veterans help us learn more about our past and what we can learn from it, as well as bravery and hope in the darkest of times. We appreciate you all and honor your dedication! ....

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  • Help out Raleigh one toy at a time!

    Help out Raleigh one toy at a time!

    Our donation box is waiting for you! Bring any new, unwrapped toys to the RIMA drop box to help out families in need this Christmas all around Raleigh. Check out our Facebook for more updates! ....

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  • Toys For Tots is now up and running!

    Toys For Tots is now up and running!

    Our Toys For Tots drop box is now available for donations! Bring any used, unwrapped toys on your way into the gym to help out local families in need this Christmas season. Help us at RIMA give back to the Raleigh community one gift at a time! ....

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  • The brand new RIMA merchandise store is here!

    RIMA is very excited to announce that our new merchandise website is up with brand new apparel and accessories! The RIMA shop has it all: shirts, leggings, mugs and more! Our kickboxing essentials has the go-to apparel for a casual night of kickboxing, and our fall essentials has everything needed for the chilly weather. Keep an eye out for new products coming soon! Go check it out! ....

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  • RIMA's Toys For Tots Campaign is almost ready!

    RIMA's Toys For Tots Campaign is almost ready!

    This fall, RIMA is participating in the 2020 Toys For Tots campaign! We'll have a donation box at the gym ready to accept any toys headed for a family in need around the area this Christmas starting November 1st. Check out the program's official site at for more information on donations and how you can give to the cause. Thank you for helping us give back to our community! ....

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  • Are you ready to get on the mat with us?

    Are you ready to get on the mat with us?

    At RIMA, we are pleased to say that we have the perfect mat program for any athlete. While you learn your first wrist lock in Hapkido or your first throw in Judo, we are an encouraging, tight-knit community willing to get you to your best potential. Our mat sports give you a chance to broaden your martial arts skills from stand-up techniques to ground defense, regardless of your experience. You get the chance to work with students ranging from beginning levels to master, with everyone excited to learn something new. Are you ready to learn with them? Check our website for the full schedule to see what catches your eye, and we hope to see you on the mat! ....

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